A Box of Sunshine from Kathy

Yesterday was my first day back at school and after a long day I came home to the most pleasant surprise!  There was a box by my front door.


OH MY GOODNESS!!! Talk about a box of sunshine!!!! I had the biggest smile on my face as I checked out all the fun surprises inside.  What a sweet and clever idea!!!  I also love how Kathy recycled the Paper Pumpkin box by turning it inside out. She decorated it too. Look at all the yellow goodies that was inside!!

Enclosed was this beautiful card!!!!

Sunshine card
Card Created by Kathy Royce

Kathy wrote that this was to cheer me up after dropping my daughter off at college.  I’m sure many of you can relate to that experience.  If so, I hope you had a “Kathy” in your life to drop a box of sunshine on your doorstop! I’m reminded of this quote, “A mother’s job is to teach her children not to need her anymore. The hardest part of that job is accepting success.” #audreylovesparis

Words cannot express how absolutely touched I am to be the recipient of these gifts! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Kathy, thanks for making my day!!  

I had just finished opening box # 2 (Do you believe there was more?!!!) when my daughter called to see how my first day back at work went. (I know I am biased but she is just so sweet and thoughtful!!!) So, I shared with her all about my box of sunshine. Here’s what was in box #2.

These goodies are not only fun they are useful too! You can bet I will put a lot of these items to use in my home and classroom (and smile as I use each of them)! There was another card enclosed too!

Enjoy Today
Card Created by Kathy Royce

I am blessed to have the best blog readers ever!!!  I love to create and enjoy sharing my projects with others.  I never dreamed I would have a blog and it has just been so much fun getting to know so many of you through cyberspace. You inspire me and fill my joy tank with your comments and kindness!! Kathy, I plan to “pay it forward” and promise to do an act of kindness in your honor. I hope I can bring as much joy to someone else as you delivered today!

I hope you will leave a comment for Kathy today for her amazing talent, creativity, and thoughtfulness! I love this idea of sending a little sunshine to others!

Have a wonderful day (filled with sunshine I hope)!

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15 thoughts on “A Box of Sunshine from Kathy

  1. Oh my gosh Kathy, this is the best! And you have it so right, Jeanie does brighten our days with her posts! She is such a wonderful, happy person who is also amazingly creative!!! Jeanie, you totally deserve this! May you have lots of sunshine today! (I think you are done with all the rain we are getting here in Annapolis!) I know sunshine pours out of you!

  2. This is amazing and I am beaming and squealing with joy for you! I rest me case….(and I know that you totally “get it”) but this wonderful little thing we do with Stampin’ Up! is soooooo much more than stamping….

    YOU do brighten up so many people day and this box of sunshine just shows how “paying it forward” shows and is appreciated!

    This little thing that we do…does make a difference as the relationships that are built along the way is a priceless gift! Kathy…you are a ray of sunshine and knowing Jeanie as I do – YOU MADE HER DAY!

  3. Dear Jeanie, What a wonderful surprise from Kathy you received yesterday from Kathy, what a thoughtful gift you did for Jeanie. When we dropped my beautiful daughter off to college we cried so much we had to pull off the road , because we all were crying so much .It would have been so nice to have a box of sunshine like you received from Kathy. Jeanie your site always brings a smile to my face when I open your site. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for always being so wonderful with your inspiration. I would like to add please keep all those in Texas and where ever this horrible hurricane is touching in our prayers.May God be with everybody. Ellen Hinds

  4. OH MY ! How much fun ! I received a Sunshine Box from one of my sweet friends last week and it is such a fun treat to get one !! I love your friends thoughtfulness in regard to your daughter and that bittersweet feeling (been there twice )
    Jeanie, I love coming to visit you every day because you are so inspiring and talented !! Thanks to Susan for leaving that trail of breadcrumbs to your blog !

  5. This Box of Sunshine was a beautiful gift, Kathy. You are a wonderful, thoughtful friend to Jeanie.

  6. What a fantastic idea, what beautiful cards, but most importantly what a good friend. This gesture warms my heart and I’m only seeing pictures, I can’t imagine how much happiness you felt opening and seeing not just things, but friendship in those boxes. Kudos to Kathy

  7. Ok, you made your JOY leak out of my eyes and down my cheeks! Your friend Kathy is a good friend! How wonderful to be so blessed by her!
    Yes, your daughter is wonderful…and as thoughtful as you! You did good Mom! Even though they move out…they always come home! Either by phone, text, or physically! Ah, I love being a Grandmother!

  8. Wow….this is awesome and a great idea to “lift” someone up! Kathy, you are a thoughtful and caring person and I agree with you and all the others…..Jeanie is our ray of sunshine! Thank you both, Jeanie and Susan for sending us happiness and making us smile. Hugs

  9. Wow. What a wonderful gift (or giftS I guess I should say) and such an appropriate time to send. As a mom I totally understand that sadness. Two years ago I retired from my 25 year career, sold my house and moved from Maryland to Oregon. My son stayed behind to attend college in that state and boy was that hard. I definitely don’t see my boy as much as I used to but we are making it work. Bless you.

  10. What a beautiful gesture of love and support from one generous and loving soul to another. Jeanie, you pay forward that sunshine with every post you send out, and Kathy, you have shown yourself to be a gold star friend. Thanks to you both for spreading happiness to the rest of us.

  11. How thoughtful of Kathy! I’ve seen those sunshine boxes online but never taken time to try to do one–Kathy takes thoughtful to the next level! Thanks for sharing…it has inspired me to try to be more thoughtful and share more sunshine, like Kathy and Jeanie do!

  12. Well, I have tried to leave comments on here 5 different times and the computer locked up each time. Not sure if that is an omen or quite what. But, today is an all new day. This was just so thoughtful of Kathy to make lemonade for you out of the lemons. You have had a wonderful summer and that just had to be the crowning touch. Jeanie, my friend, you too are our ray of sunshine and we love visiting your blog.

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