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I interrupt my regularly scheduled post to bring you some happy mail. When I came home last night from my book club meeting there was a package sitting on the counter for me. (Both my husband and I are terrible about remembering to get the mail!) One look at the envelope and I couldn’t wait to open it!


Cute, right? When I opened it, I was amazed to find this gorgeous purse!! Daisies, my favorite! There was a note enclosed and I can’t tell you how much it touched my heart.  It was from a blog reader, Kathy Royce. She saw this on Splitcoast Stampers and said she had to make one especially for me.  She thought it was perfect timing because I was doing this fun fold series.  Oh my Gosh!!!  I am so blessed!


The clutch purse was designed by Dee Slater and you can bet I will be checking out Splitcoast Stampers for directions to CASE it too! (Kathy, if you are reading this, post the link in the comments or email me and I will update with the link.)


It gets even better….when I opened it there were 4 gorgeous note cards enclosed!  WOW! What an exciting surprise!


Here’s a close up of each of these adorable cards and custom envelopes.





I am one lucky person! I love to create and it brings me joy if I can inspire others to share handmade kindness. Kathy, you made my day!!! I am honored to be the recipient of this generous gift and kindness.


Please leave a comment for Kathy and then make someone’s day…send a card to someone today!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Just Stampin’


*UPDATE…Here is the link to the tutorial.

Thank you Susan and Kathy for sharing the link!!!

19 thoughts on “Fun Fold Happy Mail

  1. Oh my goodness ! This is so cute and thoughtful !! How creative you are Kathy !
    Thank you for showing us your Happy Mail ,Jeanie !
    As far as mailing out cards I mailed out 10 today to my swap buddies ! Love it !!

      1. I hope everyone I send cards and handmade gifts to feels the same way as I did when I received your gift! Isn’t it amazing how a kind gesture can really brighten our day!! You make me want to send more cards!!! It was such a nice surprise!

  2. ADORABLE!!!! Happy Mail is always the BEST! I can hear you right now…….I bet you looked at this bundle of happiness for hours and then I bet when you woke up you looked at it again!

    This little thing we do is such a blessing…right??? This was so sweet – now I ask you…..


    1. Susan, not only did I look at this again and again, my family enjoyed it as well as a visitor I had! You need to stop over to see it in person! And yes, I not only read the book, I watched the movie too!!! (Book was 10 times better than the movie!!!!)

  3. Oh my gosh that is just amazing! One of my Stampin Crew saw it on Splitcoast Stampers and forwarded the link to me! I will have to go back and find it!!!! So sweet of Kathy Royce. What a great way to make ones day!

  4. How adorable! I love the outside of the purse but holding 4 beautiful note cards is such a bonus–with daisies no less! How thoughtful of Kathy! Thanks for sharing your happy mail wth us. Can’t wait to see the directions and your take on it.

  5. Wow, even the outside of the package is fun! Love that! That little purse is so fun and the note cards are wonderful too. Plus the envelopes are simply delightful as a daisy. Boy, Kathy really outdid herself and did a wonderful job. Dee Slater does great directions on her projects so it was no wonder this project turned out so well! J is for jealous – I love happy mail and really could use some more than I get. Oh well, it could be worse – no happy mail at all! Jeanie you are so lucky to be so loved by everyone!

  6. Such a kind and thoughtful gesture and the clutch and cards are gorgeous – Very clever indeed! I hope the link can be posted as I sure would love to try making one as well. There is nothing better (well almost nothing) than HAPPY MAIL when you least expect it!

  7. Wow Kathy, this is beautiful and the cards are gorgeous! That was a kind and thoughtful gesture. Happy mail is so much fun and always puts a smile on a face. Thank you for sharing, Jeanie.

  8. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I will tell you though once you make one it can be additive. I am thinking Christmas Happy Mail!
    Stamping Hugs

    1. I’m thinking these will make nice gift sets…teacher gifts with thank you notes…Oh my mind is racing! I am going to make one for a friend’s birthday! She loves purses!!!! I love how the note cards coordinate with the purse colors!! You are so thoughtful and I just love it!!

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