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Welcome to my weekend showcase! Today I am showcasing some cards I received from others over the last few weeks.  My heart skips a beat when I get the mail and see a card addressed to me! I love “Happy Mail”!


This card by Colleen is just stunning!  I am going to have to have her show me how she did such beautiful blending with her sponging.  After looking at this I need to practice more! She also used the masking technique. I like how the stamped images stand out against the background.


This sweet surprise was tucked inside Kathy’s card swap card with a little note thanking me for doing the card swap…so unexpected.  (I really enjoyed doing the card swap and getting to showcase everyone’s amazing talent!)  I love the custom envelope Kathy made and really like how she chose not to color everything which makes what she did color stand out!


I have never met Susan but she follows my blog and when she read it was my birthday she sent me this beautiful card.  I was so touched! Susan’s envelope caught my attention immediately!  I love how she stamped the back of the envelope with this stamp.  Did you know Stampin’ Up! sells this stamp? It is a single wood-mount stamp (item # 143573).  It is not in the catalog but is available to purchase online.  Join the movement to bring birthdays back—send handcrafted birthday cards to all your friends and family, and stamp the card and/or envelope with this trending hashtag to let them know they’re part of something cool! Click HERE to view and find out how the movement got started.


Anyone who purchases this stamp through my online store will receive a birthday card kit from me to get you started making and sending birthday cards.  Birthdays are special! Wouldn’t you rather get/give a handmade birthday card in the mail vs. a post on social media?

Let’s share some happy mail stories! Leave me a comment about some happy mail you sent or received.  I will pick a random winner to send some happy mail to!

Have a wonderful day!

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9 thoughts on “Happy Mail

  1. Beautiful cards….their talent is amazing! Being laid up with my knee operation, I received so many heart- warming cards which made me smile everyday. But when I received the treats from you and from Susan (even though I read about them before they arrived) I was so excited and grateful (honestly, I cried). It made me feel just plain ol’ good inside! Thank you both for that feeling. 💜

  2. Jeanie, I can not leave a comment to you. I am not a member of wordpress. Thank you Ellen Hinds


  3. Dear Jeanie, The cards are so beautiful. I love how each person did their magic on their cards. There is so much talent out there. I love to make cards for people and I send out many Birthday cards. I love to surprise some one with a special card made just for them. Have a great day, Ellen Hinds


  4. These are beautiful cards, Jeanie. I love how each has inspired us in their own creative way. I love sending birthday cards with that stamp on the envelope. TFS. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Wow ! Kathy ,Colleen, and Susan !!! What pretty cards ! I love getting Snail Mail . I am lucky enough to have Swap Buddies so I know that every month I will get a special card from each of them. Sometimes we surprise each other with a FUN PACKAGE ! My sister told me that she loves getting cards from me because it is the only mail she gets that aren`t business or sale types.
    I love the BRING BIRTHDAYS BACK project !
    Last ,but certainly not least …..Thank you ,Jeanie for your fun blog !

  6. Look at these gorgeous cards and envelopes. Love them all! It is amazing, we have some sun today so far and it has made me almost giddy compared to the gloom of the drizzle and rain all week. I so wanted to get in on your special cards and the sweet shop stuff but just couldn’t justify it last night. But, I sort of really like that stamp – I remember last year my postman asked me what the heck was all that was about but I didn’t buy it then. I had several birthday cards last year that had that stamped on the envelopes.

    I gotta tell you, I had 3 happy mails this week full of belated birthday goodies! Two had hand made cards that were the best with other goodies. The first one was fun food so no card was necessary. Plus now I have had some happy E-mails since I hit the paw print button and decided I needed to be a PAL, even if I only do the hobby thing for a short while I picked some really fun stuff for myself! But, who knows I might make some new friends around here who want to get together and craft.

    Oh no, it is clouding up a bit but I am determined not to let it take away my good mood.

  7. My sister was very sick last year and it warmed my heart seeing all the cards, handmade or not, that she received and seeing how it made her smile. I vowed to “pick up” my game in sending all kinds of cards so try not to miss an opportunity to send cards, even if I’m late! I’m honored you shared mine but my goal was to make you smile and say thanks for all your work on your blog to share ideas with us!

  8. My upline lives halfway across the country, so I never get to participate in her downline gatherings. One dreary, particularly insane day, I came home to find a package waiting for me. She had sent me all the cards, projects, and prizes I would have received if I had been able to attend the gathering. It totally made my day!

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