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I have had several customers ask about the new Big Shot Platform in the catalog and I thought there are probably others that may have the same questions.  Stampin’ Up is so on top of things and created a video to answer all our questions.  You can scroll down to click and watch (and see some cool new dies and ideas).

First of all, as of June 1, 2016 any Big Shot ordered through Stampin’ Up! will automatically come with this new platform.  So, only those who have previously purchased Big Shots will need to consider purchasing this new Multipurpose Platform.  

The new platform was designed to eliminate some performance issues, as well as the annoyance of flipping tabs when changing from embossing to cutting.

Here’s the big advantage to the new platform….When dies and embossing folders are fed through the Big Shot, most of the pressure is placed on the two outer edges, where the gears are.  Over time, dies, embossing folders and cutting plates end up warping from this uneven pressure.  The new Big Shot platform has a slightly raised center area that creates evenly distributed side-to-side pressure as the dies and embossing folders pass through the machine. This eliminates the cause of warping.

One other advantage of the new Multipurpose Platform is that intricate thinlit dies, when used with the precision base plate, cut like a dream.  You will still want to run the sandwich back AND forth through the Big Shot, but the little chads and main cut image release from the die with much less effort.

One other note…ONLY Big Shot machines sold through Stampin’ Up! have these new Multi-Purpose Platforms.  Big Shots purchased elsewhere will still have hinged, tabbed platforms…the same ones that came with Stampin’ Up! Big Shots sold before June 1.

Here’s a video from Stampin’ Up! that will tell you all about the Big Shot and new platform.

Last week I posted a fun fold card and used the precision base plate to get nice clean cuts. You can Click Here to see that post.

I hope this information helps.  I absolutely LOVE my Big Shot and use it all the time!  You can see my plates are “well loved”.  Here’s another quick tip…I have 2 sets of standard cutting pads.  I keep one for embossing only to keep my embossed projects clean.

Hope you have a wonderful day!

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tip…For The Big Shot

  1. Great idea about having a set of plates just for embossing. So frustrating to see those little lines in your embossed image.

  2. Hi Jeanie, I do not own a Big Shot, but I have two Cuttlebugs. I do miss some SU products but all it all it works fine. I do love your hint about labeling the cutting plates. I remember when I made that first cut into the wrong plate, I was devastated. I think I’ll get out Ms. P-Touch today!

    1. I label my blades on the trimmer too….cut/score. It helps when I am having classes if anyone needs to use the trimmer. Learned the hard way when someone thought they were scoring and then cut. I wish I could say I use my P-Touch and label everything but that always seems to be the thing that gets moved to the back burner, especially when there are stamps waiting to play. LOL

  3. Great tip with labeling and keeping plates for embossing only! Like Nancy, I am labeling mine today, too! Enjoy the sunny day.

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