Happy Halloween Happy Mail

Happy Halloween! It feels more like Christmas this week with happy mail, surprise packages, and treats left at my doorstep! Here’s a look at some of the unexpected blessings I received.

Stampin Up Halloween Sampler idea - Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Made by Liza Stucker

This Spooktacular Halloween sampler was sent to me from Liza Stucker.  I can not even imagine the hours that went in to creating this awesome project! It will be framed and treasured for years to come! I love all the 3D and details on each!

My friend Susan is the queen of gift wrapping and always does an amazing job with her presentation.  This sweet surprise was left on my doorstep. What a treat to come home to delicious homemade ginger cookies after school! Yum!

Halloween treats
Made by Susan Itell

I cracked up when I opened her card!

Halloween card
Made by Susan Itell

The ever so witty Chris R. sent me this adorable sticky note pad!

Stampin Up Trick or Tweet 3D Project idea - Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Made By Chris Robinson

Here’s a few more cards and gifts I received from my talented friends!

Halloween card
Made by Jill Killeen
Stampin Up Labels to Love Halloween card idea - Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Made by Deb Echelmeyer
Stampin Up Toil & Trouble Designer Series Paper - Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Made by Rosanne Mulhern
Halloween friend card
Made by Ramsey Alexander

My friend Paula and I filled treat bags this week for our local shelter. Sister Corda used to volunteer there and would bring them her homemade candy and treats.  We put special stickers on the bags in loving memory of Sister Corda. The workers at Reach and the homeless that come through the doors miss Sister Corda too!
I enjoy Halloween! My kids come dressed in costumes and we parade all around the school.  I get to dress up every year too! Usually I am a storybook character but this year I changed it up a bit and decided to go as a character from a nursery rhyme my students just learned. Can you guess which one?
Thanks for stopping by. I hope your day is filled with kind people and may your blessings be “three bags full”!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Happy Mail

  1. OK….you made me TOTALLY SMILE with this post!!!! What an AMAZING batch of handmade love….the BEST TYPE to get….ALWAYS!!!!!

    I am feeling like a dog chasing my tail as I need to get back into the swing of things…..I am sprouting greys as I type trying to back up the darn phone….

    You and I are TOTALLY alike……we both FAILED in COMPUTER SAVY Class!!! Love the picture of you and Paula and the Costume…..your kids are sooooo darn lucky….

    Speaking of LUCKY…….That sampler that Liza made for you……AMAZING…….I can’t wait to see it in person! I know that you will look at that all of the time in your work area and just BEAM….as you should!

  2. Oh my gosh Jeanine! This post is awesome and so exciting to get so much love. Obviously you deserve it! Happy Halloween!

  3. Well, you did not have a baaa(d) Halloween with all the loot! All your goodies are just wonderful. I had a great time making the sticky note pad holders and glad you liked it. You can’t help but smile when you see the elephant. That sampler was amazing! I have wanted to do something similar but just have my act together.

    I certainly hope you aren’t the black sheep of the family! That was such a kind thing to do with your friend Paula.

  4. Your post made my day. Thanks for taking the time to share all the love you received [and gave back]. Off to Trunk or Treat for my school~I bet none of MY teacher cohorts come as cleverly dressed as you. I’m going as Juliette Gordon Low [That’s me: the forever Girl Scout]. Hope you had a great day and have fun tonight.

  5. Wow…what great “treats” you received! All of them are beautiful….kindness rocks. That was so nice what you did in Sister Corda’s memory. Thanks for sharing, Jeanie. 👻

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