My ABC Fun Folds from P-T

This past week has been a series of unfortunate events from my computer crashing to a trip to the ER with a head injury. On the upside, I am happy to report my new computer should be up and running later today and I am lucky to have a “thick skull”! I apologize for not posting the last of the fun folds yet; however, I hope to be back later today with a new fun fold card to share. Until then here’s some more of the fun fold designs I did in my ABC series. I have already received some cards in the mail for the fun fold card swap and let me say my first thought has been, “I wish I could keep these!” There is still time to participate so I hope you will create a fun fold card and get it in the mail this week. Click HERE for all the details. If you have never made a fun fold card before you need to give it a try! They are a lot easier than they look! I include simple step by step directions for each one.  If you have any questions feel free to email me.  I am really looking forward to seeing what you create and showcasing your fun fold cards.

You can click on any image below to go to the original post for directions, etc. You can easily substitute current DSP or other stamp sets to recreate. Enjoy!

P is for Pop-Up Fun Fold


Q if for Quarter Fold


R is for Rocker Fun Fold


S is for a Step Fun Fold


T is for Tunnel Fold



I just realized I forgot to post the winner of the lighthouse contest. Congratulations to Chris R! For a landlocked gal, you know your lighthouses! Many thanks to all who participated!

Do you have a favorite fun fold from today’s showcase?

Here’s a quick link to the other fun fold cards from my ABC series.  I hope you will pick one to create and participate in my fun fold card swap. Go make one today!

My ABC Fun Folds from A-E

My ABC Fun Folds from F-J

My ABC Fun Folds from K-O

Next week will be my 1 year anniversary for this blog! I can not tell you how much I have enjoyed sharing and interacting with you.  Your comments have made my day on many occasions! This is not something I ever imagined I would be doing and I thank my daughter for her intuition in knowing me better than I know myself!

Have a wonderful day!

Just Stampin’


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12 thoughts on “My ABC Fun Folds from P-T

  1. Well bless your heart ! Hope your `noggin is okay !!!
    Your card line up today is inspiring ! Love each and every !!!
    YAY CHRIS ! Congrats on winning Miss Smarty Pants !!

  2. Hello Jeanie, sorry for your computer issues (how I can relate to these especially as an elderly woman) and then your head injury, best wishes for a quick recovery and with blessings

  3. I’m so glad you to the plunge with your blog. I enjoy getting clever ideas for folds that are different. Keep up the good work, please.

  4. Trust me some of my answers were just guesses. It also helped on 1 or 2 the lighthouses that were featured on a needlework site I was visiting looked pretty darn similar to her photos! Besides, I am not totally landlocked – I was born just a couple blocks from the Mississippi River – if that counts! Plus we actually have a man-made canal here in Pella 1/4 block long to replicate something in Holland. It also helped there were very few people answering the questions about the lighthouses!

    I have been so busy making sympathy cards I forgot I need to make one for the fun fold swap. I will get on it!

    These revisits are just more fun as you get older you tend to forget some things. I had to check out one that I totally did not remember. Plus, I am sure Jeanie you are leaving the best for last! Take your time in posting them. A new computer – cool! A head injury – oh good grief – at least they didn’t do a CT scan and tell you nothing to report like Princess Judy! I am sure she thought she needed to visit The Land of Oz and get a brain after that! Hope you are healing well and it wasn’t something goofy that happened. i.e. like Mike on a business trip for the Army at a 4H conference. He fell out of bed hitting his head on the nightstand and was gushing blood from his temple. He had not even been drinking he said! We found out later he has sleep apnea though. Anyway, the desk clerk called an ambulance when she say all the blood when he went down in the middle of the night to ask for a band aid. Once at the ER he had 7 stitches. The doctor was laughing more though since he had his Iowa Hawkeye jammies and here he was in Indianapolis in Hoosier territory. Then, he had to take a taxi back to the hotel!

    Sorry Jeanie, I just had to share Mike’s story!

  5. Head injury?! Hope you’re okay! Glad you got a new computer and are back to blogging. We miss you when you’re gone! Yay to Chris R! Love the recaps, can’t wait for the rest.

  6. Ouch to both you and your computer. Glad you are ok….take your time and rest up. We will still be here.

  7. Sure hope you are feeling better soon. I have been receiving your e-mails for a while now and am always impressed. Been a Stampin’ Up demo for over 20 years so I have seen a lot. You are right up there with the best of them! Thanks for the reminders of some half-forgotten folds. Off to try a “rocker”.

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