R is for Ribbon

Welcome to my ABC’s of Stampin’ series. Today I am showcasing some of the gorgeous ribbon from Stampin’ Up! I absolutely LOVE how the ribbon coordinates with the paper and ink! The 2016-2018 In Color Ruched Ribbon is some of my favorite ribbon ever!! (I am already on my second rolls!!) If you have never tried Stampin’ Up ribbon before here is your chance!  I am offering a Ribbon Share to give you a sampling at a reasonable rate. You can order either set or both.  You will get 2 yards of each of the 5 colors in the set (10 yards) for $10.  Specify if you want 2015-2017 In Color  5/8″ Mini Striped Ribbon or 2016-2018 In Color  3/8″ Ruched Ribbon.  If you want both sets the cost is $20.


Your ribbon will come on these cute little “spools” wrapped in a clear envelope.  If you purchase both sets I will send you 2 yards of Whisper White Organza Ribbon FREE as my Back to School Special. Do you remember when I shared how to dye the organza ribbon?  You can see that post HERE.

Here are some recent cards and projects I’ve made using these ribbons. Relax and enjoy the replay. (You can click on any photo to see that post.)














Now that you have had time to reflect on the ribbon projects, you will want to respond by emailing me your ribbon order (j.stark@myactv.net). Put Ribbon Share in the subject.  I will reply to let you know I received your order.  Orders will be sent out in October.

Hope you have a Relaxing day!

Just Stampin’


P.S. I am so laughing at myself right now as I just noticed something ridiculous in my post.  I could remedy it, but I’d rather have a little fun…see if you can find my error and report in the comments. I will pick a random winner to receive 2 yards of Organza Ribbon. ( I really did not plan this!!)


13 thoughts on “R is for Ribbon

  1. Hi Jeanie, I think I’ll be sad when the ABCs are over. You are hitting the nail on the head, daily! I think the little goof is the business car is not yours. I happen to recognize it as my Upline! Have a great day.

    I would like to order a ribbon share of the 2016-2018 Ruched Ribbon. I will email you separately? Have a great Thursday.

  2. Hi Jeanie, I would like to order the 2016-2018 Ruched Ribbon offer. I have Pay Pal. thanks a bunch!

    Nancy Farrell 2 Ash Place Massapequa, NY 11758 917-690-2254

    *Pax, Nance* *. .* *.* *Remember, be kinder than necessary because everyone is fighting some kind of battle**

  3. Hmmm, I see a little dyslexia when putting labels on things! You are to funny!!! I would probably have sent them out the door not even realizing!!!! Good job and great post!

    1. Good eye there my friend! Guess what?… I did send them out the door like that! (Which is why I couldn’t fix it!) I didn’t realize it was wrong until I saw the photo here! LOL I wonder if my customers even noticed or how many I sent that way. I will remedy that for this next batch! As a kid I loved the Highlights magazine with the Spot the Difference! Sounds like you would be good at that too!

      1. They probably didn’t even notice!!! I LOVE Highlights! It was the only good thing about Dr’s offices. That’s the only place I ever saw it.

  4. I think I found it! You labeled the ribbons backwards. Truthfully I would not have noticed if you hadn’t made me search for it!!! Love these posts, and thanks for the look back at your fab projects!

  5. Thanks Karen! As I was scrolling through the pictures for this post I realized I use the In Colors a lot!! Do you find you tend to use certain colors more than others?

  6. I Really love that you Reversed the labels on the Ribbon and left it to see if we could find it when you Realized it! Thanks for letting me have a pleasant Riddle to solve when I am catching up on your ABC posts. I have found myself trying to guess each day what you might share with the next letter! I’ve love all the ideas you have shared. I am so glad a certain someone got you to start this blog!

  7. What’s wrong with the clock! It’s 10:52 p.m. and on 9/22/2016 and the post says it is already tomorrow —- 2:52 a.m. Sept. 23rd! I’m now wondering if there’s a clock to be reset when I have seen some of the very late evening/early morning daily post times….when I’ve thought how is she doing this and making in through the day with the pre-K children!

  8. I was very slow on the uptake, but got it. I loved Highlights magazine for spot the difference pages. I’m also loving this ABC series. I also enjoy your blog each day with your creative cards/projects. Have a great weekend.

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