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January has been a busy month! Getting the product shares ordered, cut, packaged, and shipped was my first order of business! After that I had a bunch of thank you cards and gifts to make and send as well as my calendar card kits and monthly tutorials. Then I decided it was time to tackle my New Year’s resolution to clean up and reorganize my craft room. It’s still a work in progress but, I am happy with the results so far and can’t wait to create more projects! (It is so nice when I can find what I need!) I thought I would share a few pictures of my room as well as some storage ideas and tips in case organization is on your “To Do List” this year.

Stampin' Up! Craft room organization - for tips and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!

Stampin' Up! Craft room organization - for tips and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!

Stampin' Up! Craft room organization - for tips and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!

I have a hodgepodge of furniture, baskets, etc. to keep me organized. I keep my die cutting machine out because I use it all the time.  My embossing folders and dies are stored beside it for easy access. I put a little green sticker on current products then, when it retires, I simply remove the sticker and decide if it is something I will keep or get rid of. (I purchase what I love so as you can see I keep a lot!)

Current stamp sets are stored alphabetically above my work area. They are stored in photo boxes to keep them from falling over. My retired (but loved) stamp sets are organized by themes (baby, birthday, holidays, seasonal, sentiments, thank you, wedding, etc.). An old bookcase/desk that belonged to my grandmother works great for my theme organization. I also found this DVD storage rack at our school’s rummage sale and love that it holds a lot of stamp sets!

Stampin' Up! Craft room organization - for tips and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!

The hanging basket storage works great for storing my DSP swatch books, adhesives, and embellishments right at my fingertips beside my desk.

I found this mail sorter at a second hand shop and love it for storing my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock. It’s organization and decor all in one!

Stampin' Up! Craft room organization - for tips and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!

My 12 x 12 cardstock and DSP is stored in plastic magazine files I purchased online from Amazon.


I am in the process of trying to use up my stash of DSP.  (I have to stop hoarding it when it goes on clearance.)  I try to remember my mom’s advice, “A sale is not a sale if you don’t need it!” I find it’s always a fine line between want and need.  LOL (*I’ve been working on a project that uses 12 x 12 DSP which I’ll share later this week.)

I also have (and love) many products from Stamp N Storage.  They are high quality and designed especially for Stampin’ Up products! They offer so many storage options for ink pads, blends, punches, dies, ribbons, and more!  Here’s some of my favorite Stamp ‘N Storage products…

Stampin' Up! Craft room organization - for tips and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!
Ink Pad Storage
Stampin' Up! Craft room storage and organization ideas - for tips, storage, and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!
Die Storage and Magnet Cards
Stampin' Up! Craft room storage and organization ideas - for tips, storage, and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!
Ribbon Storage
Stampin' Up! Craft room storage and organization ideas - for tips, storage, and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!
Blends Holder
Stampin' Up! Craft room storage and organization ideas - for tips, storage, and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!
Punch Storage
Stampin' Up! Craft room storage and organization ideas - for tips, storage, and organization ideas visit - Jeanie Stark StampinUp!
Drawer Cabinet for Ink Spots, Wood Stamps, and embellishments

Click HERE or on the Stamp-n-Storage image below to go to their website. (*If you are viewing this post in your email, you can always click on the title of the post to view online. The Stamp-N-Storage link is always on the right hand side on my blog.) *Note: I receive a small affiliate fee when you use my Stamp-n-Storage shopping links. However, I can’t say enough about how these quality products help me stay organized and highly recommend them.

Organization is personal. What works for someone else may not work for you.  Understand how you craft and what works best for you. Here’s 5 organization tips from Mary at Stamp ‘N Storage:

 Craft Room Organization Tips

  1. Prioritize space for the things you use most. You want to have quick, easy access to these items.
  2. Let go of unnecessary things. If you haven’t touched it in ten, five, even two years it is taking up precious space for what you are currently working on. It is OK to get rid of things.
  3. Do a little every day. It helps a huge task seem more manageable and helps you stay organized once you get there.
  4. Put things away where they belong or find a place for it. Resist the urge to just shove stuff somewhere to deal with “later”. When later comes you will be overwhelmed and it will take a lot longer to deal with.
  5. Put things away after you use them.

I have the hardest time with #5! I’m working on #2. What about you? I’d love to hear from you! Leave me a comment with something you found useful from today or share an organization tip you use.  I’ll pick a random winner to receive some retired goodies (tip #2 above).

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Have a great day!

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21 thoughts on “Craft Room Organization & Tips

  1. Fortunately, I was able to do #2 of your Craft Room Organization Tips earlier this month. Our local library had a “Craft Materials Swap Drop-off” event, and I went through my stash of neglected items to donate. I also DID NOT allow myself to go to the event because I would probably come home with more stuff! All donations were FREE, and I heard the event was a HUGE SUCCESS.

  2. I love reading crafters organization tips to get ideas for my stuff. I have an old bookcase to store my stamps sets which is right behind me when I stamp. I am running out of room on the shelf, but your tip on storing them in photo boxes is a great one. I can put a couple of boxes on top of my shelf.

  3. You are quite the busy woman! Your craft room looks awesome and well organized. I have a hard time with #2 as well. Because of a recent health bump, I haven’t been able to do too much crafting but am looking forward to starting up again real soon. Thanks for your inspiration Jeanie 💖

  4. Love your room, my New Year’s Resolution is to get my craft room organized….I really love the way you did yours. I have a hard time with #2 as well. Thanks for all the inspiration! I go to your site every day.

  5. I love your craft room, storage, and organizational items. I am so jealous! It certainly takes away from the joy of crafting if it is difficult to find items you are looking for. You have inspired me to reorganize again. Love all your cards!

  6. I loved looking at photos of your stamp room and enjoyed reading your organization tips! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. My husband recently passed away and I’m in the process of moving my craft materials from my tiny, crowded corner to his nice spacious office, so I’ve been reading lots on organizing craft spaces and planning. I’ve learned I need to do more of #2 and that I like creating more than I like organizing! 😂
    Happy tp see you posting again!

  8. Yay for you ! Your stamp room is simply great for hours of playing with your “FUN STUFF “.
    I also deal with #2 like others and “I will put it away later ” is too often what I say after card making activity !
    You have given me some inspiration that it`s not too late to make a resolution (it`s still January ) It won`t hurt to try !

  9. Your craft room looks great. I never thought to use the photo storage boxes to keep the stamp cases from falling over. Thank you. Wish I had thought of it or knew about it before I re-did my craft space.

  10. Color me green for mossy green (my favorite), old olive, granny apple green, etc. Pick your favorite green as I am jealous! I am also lazy which doesn’t help. I hate to throw away or give away stuff too. I do have my ink pads semi organized as well as my blends, cardstock and DSP. So, I am not totally a mess. I am sure my husband thinks otherwise! I still have stuff sitting on the floor trying to decide what to do with some of the stuff. But, one of my big problems is the room has no space to work in let alone minimal heat. So, I drag stuff downstairs and use a TV tray to craft on so I can watch TV etc at the same time. Then, I don’t always get my stuff back upstairs in the right places. So, I have piles around the rooms from birthday cards and another for some other project etc. The Big Shot is in the kitchen area on the table where we are to eat but there is so many books, paper and just everything sitting on it I can only basically use the Big Shot and then carry it back into the other room. Man, talk about true confessions!!!

    So, any ideas on organization is a plus for me. I just know I can’t afford to have a wonderful set up like yours so I will make do but I need to do more of it. Maybe starting with one pile in the dining room and putting it away and then on to the next pile might be a good start. Like they say baby steps. Wish me luck.

    Quick question, what do you do with swap cards. I have kept mine for the last 10 years and I know I will never make it but I think oh, for the ideas but honestly, will I do something from way back then. Maybe one of my little storage cubes for get well, sympathy, birthday, Christmas, etc. and divide them into those and then start purging them to nursing homes and other charitable things I do? They are still perfectly good just not current sets etc.

    Sorry, Jeanie to take over with one of my long comments. If I had the money I would buy your house and write in the contract you have to leave all the shelves and organizational things behind! By the way, my green ink pads are all in one Tiffany organization bag so I can color myself green with envy!

  11. I certainly don’t have any earth shattering tips for organization! If I don’t have things out, I find I don’t use them. Therefore, I always have a lot on my desk just like I did when I was teaching! I love Stamp n Storage ink pad holders!
    I recently moved so I am always trying something new in my craft room! I am open to any suggestions!

    I haven’t seen anything about a monthly kit lately, are you still doing them??

    I love all of your card ideas, keep them coming!

  12. Where do you put the loved sets that cross several theme categories? I have thought about themes and have tried to group some are obvious.

  13. Thanks for your organizational tips. I have trouble with 2 and 5 but I do clean up my work space before I start a new project. It would be way better to start with a cleaned up space!

  14. Love the tour through your craft space ! I am re-working mine. I used to use a beautiful room built just for crafting space above our remodeled garage. I can no longer safely go up and down those stairs. So, plan B is a small bedroom that used to be an office. I may ask for some advise as I get farther along on it. I’ve been contemplating ordering a sit to stand desk that raises and lowers but they are really costly. I just may order the frame and have one made. (The shipping just about doubles the cost of ordering one due to the weight!)Thanks for sharing !

  15. Loved seeing your organization! I am very short on space, so recently bought some stacking DVD storage bags from Amazon. I wish I could leave all my stamps out, but the ones I put in bags are organized by holiday or theme (Christmas, fall, birthdays, animals, etc), so I can bring a whole bag to the table for whatever I am working on.

  16. Thanks for sharing your ideas and tips. My biggest thing is PUT everything away when done with it. I have spent wasted time looking for a die that has slipped between paper or fallen on the floor.

  17. Jeanie your craft room is beautiful! Thanks for the tour. I too cleaned out and reorganized My Stampin Space this month. Your tip #5 is easy to do when my space is clean and uncluttered because I want to keep it that way!

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