In Color Combinations

Do you need some color inspiration? Stampin’ Up! created this cool chart showing many different color combinations using the new 2017 – 2019 In Colors.  Just click on the chart below for a larger view and print ready copy.


Let’s get some inspirational chatter going…What’s your favorite color combination? You can probably guess mine by the number of cards I’ve made using it…yellow and black with white or vanilla. (Throw in some red accent pillows and you have my bedroom decor. LOL)  I am also a huge fan of classic navy and white…which works well with just about any accent color (including my favorite, yellow). I find I tend to grab for the same colors again and again so I’m trying to challenge myself to try some different color combinations. Let’s inspire each other with some new color combinations to try! Leave a comment with your favorite color combinations.

Have a great weekend!

Just Stampin’


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17 thoughts on “In Color Combinations

  1. HEY YOU….are you back? This is too funny that you blogged about this as I was going to add it to my post today but couldn’t find it to link – this is where I came up with my color inspiration for todays card…..guess you could say – “great minds think alike!” –

    1. Yes, I’m back…sent you an email! You forgot to leave a comment with your favorite color combination so I will pick one of yours for you….navy and crumb cake. LOL Feel free to add another. Let’s plan to get together!

  2. This chart is great! Is there a way to pin it?
    I’ve not had much time to play with the new in colors but I really like them!

      1. I can’t seem to pin it even from your blog. I don’t see any pin it or P on your blog anywhere. Any suggestions?
        BTW Lin has me ready to make something from the dapper denim & yellow 🙂

    1. I have a Pin It button installed on my computer so all I do is hover over something I want to pin and the pin button comes up. If you have that, just hover over it and see if it comes up. Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you. I google searched and found this for you. Hope it is helpful.

      Click + at the bottom right corner of Pinterest and choose Add from a website.
      Type in the website URL.
      Click Find Images.
      Find your favorite image and click Save.
      Add or edit the description.
      Pick the board you want to save to.

      1. I was able to add it by the + you suggested. Thanks so much! I’ll go back and find the other things I’ve tried to pin from your blog before since I know how now! Have a blessed day! :)Thanks!

  3. I’m addicted to Dapper Denim, Daffodil Delight and Whisper White. Comes from 4 years of living in the Aegean–always puts a smile on my face. Back then, my living room was white walls, white painted wood furniture, white terrazo floors and deep blue, bright yellow and blinding white fabrics on cushions & curtains, and on rusticly-painted Cretan stoneware…(And the light really IS different in the southern Mediterranean: diamond sharp. Made the colors seem dramatic.) When I see that color 3-some, I imagine the sun, remember the sound of the waves breaking on the rock jetty below my balcony, and pretend I’m sitting with friends on my terrace drinking retsina. Mental travel for the somewhat impoverished. I’ll never tire of those 3 colors together…

    1. OH my…you paint a beautiful picture with words and I feel like I can hear the waves! (Wish I was still at the beach!!!) I am anxious to try out your color scheme as it sounds divine!!!! I love to travel (but hate to fly!) and I am envious you got to live abroad (ON THE OCEAN!!!!) for 4 years!! My dream is to retire with my toes in the sand somewhere!!!

  4. I’m partial to anything with the new Lemon Lime Twist. It’s my son’s favorite color so I’ve always liked it and it pairs so nicely with so much! I liked your colors with it yesterday. Normally blues are my favorite colors. Glad you’re back!

    1. I am going to have to try Lemon Lime Twist with some of the suggested pairings. I’ve only used it with black, navy, and d. green so far and I love it with all 3! So many possibilities, so little time!!!

  5. Jeanie…..I clicked on 4 different times, and it does not come up larger..any suggestions???

    1. I’m not sure why! If you are viewing this post by email, try clicking on the title of the post to access my blog. See if that helps. I went back and checked it and I could pin it and click to enlarge for a print version. Anyone else have a suggestion???

  6. Wow, Lin sure paints a pretty picture!

    I love the black, white or vanilla with yellow or red. I also love navy and crumb cake or navy and good crisp green. I also love a dark hunter green with sky blue and a gray. Gray and yellow or a good pink is useful too. I had fun looking at these new color combinations and will have to try something using these combinations. I sure wish I had a color printer!

      1. I think I told you before that you were like the sister I never had!

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