Tuesday Tips for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I love the holidays and I love stamping! I want time to enjoy both during this busy time of year and I bet you do too!  Well, I have some tips for you and one tip doesn’t have anything to do with stamping; however, it will give you more free time to stamp! Isn’t that what we all crave…a little more time to create?

Tip # 1…Make It! I think of the time I spend in my craft room as saving me from going to the store to buy cards and gifts.  I love to give sets of cards as gifts and enjoy making my own boxes, bags, and tags for favors and other gifts I give. This is a WIN WIN!!  I get to relax and enjoy creating while making gifts to give. You can do this!!! Use the products you have on hand to make some cards to gift to others…save time and money! If you need to purchase anything, you can shop my online store without leaving the comfort of your home and it will be delivered right to your door! I love getting homemade gifts as I know it is a gift from the heart. I have shared many gift giving ideas on my blog as well as gift packaging for treats, teacher gifts, etc. Contact me if you need ideas or help! Consider giving a Paper Pumpkin subscription or a gift certificate. I will make you a homemade card to present your gift certificate or subscription!

One of the things I love to do is decorate our home for the holidays…from setting up my New England Village (for a touch of home) to adding greenery, lights, and trees in nearly every room. (I stopped at 5 trees this year…so far! LOL)  This brings me to my next tip…

Tip #2…Wrap it!  I had this brainstorm last year as I was getting ready to take down all the decorations I set up…why not just put away the trees all decorated. Hmmmm…it was worth a try! So we bought some Press’n Seal and started wrapping.  Last year we wrapped 2 of our 6.5’trees as well as our slim tree and stored them. (Our slim tree fit perfectly in the guest room closet.) We just had to take the big tree apart as there was no way it would fit through any doorway. I couldn’t wait to get the trees out this year to see if it worked…and it did!!!  All the ornaments, ribbons, etc. were secure. What a time saver!!! I plugged the trees in, did a little fluffing and I was done! More time to stamp!!  When I told my friend Susan what I did she said the man who invented Seal & Wrap is married to a card maker. How cool is that?!! I wonder if he knows this new unintended use for his invention? Here’s some photos for you. 🙂

Seal & Wrap and Store!
On the move!  Sliding to it’s destination.
Just unwrap and plug it in!
The kitchen basket tree is always a favorite as each basket is filled with candy.




The White House tree pictured below is my favorite (along with the family tree that has all the little homemade ornaments my kids made over the years).



I just love everything about this time of year…making homemade cards and gifts, decorating our home, listening to Christmas music, baking for my cookie exchange, enjoying the lights at night, getting together with family and friends, helping others, and (most important) remembering the reason for the season. I make it a goal every year to do what I can WITHOUT stressing out. You can’t do it all! No one can! Realizing this takes the pressure off! Work together and focus on what’s most important.

My Pre-K students really keep the spirit and meaning of Christmas alive! Every year they perform a play, The Christmas Story. It is just the sweetest thing you can imagine…4 year olds dressed up as Mary, Joseph, angels, shepherds, animals, and kings singing their little hearts out as they act out the story on stage for family and friends. Our class “adopts” a family in need and everyone donates money and food.  I love shopping for the family (and making a few crafty things of course)… it is such a great feeling to work together to help others. I love working with the next generation of card makers… I help my students make Christmas cards for residents in local nursing homes. Even 4 year olds can make a difference in this world!  Don’t underestimate this craft we do…a simple card can make a huge difference to someone this holiday season or anytime!

I hope today’s tips and ideas have inspired you or helped you in some way. What’s your favorite thing to do this time of year?  I would love to hear from you!

Have a wonderful day and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year!

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday Tips for The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Fabulous card! And I love your story of sharing the seal and wrap for our Christmas trees, fantastic! Your trees are beautiful!! I agree, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Enjoy your stories and always love your card designs!!

  2. You just make me smile each and every time I read a post. I feel like I am right there with you! I know that you love the holidays sooooo much and THANK YOU for sharing the BEST PART – making homemade from YOUR hands….they ARE the best gift one could ever give!

  3. Jeanie, You read my mind! My small trees with home made ornaments go in two big trash bags and get whisked off to the basement! And I could not agree more! Much more fun to make a card/gift than brave the stores!!! Now if we could find a quick way to set up those villages……. Big hugs!

  4. So many trees and they are all so beautiful! Your tips and story are so great. Loved the pic of your daughter sliding the tree. Thanks for sharing and enjoy the day!

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