It’s My Birthday


Today is my birthday and I have been getting “Happy Mail” all week. (Read all the way to the end to find out how you can get some happy mail too!) Here’s some of the beautiful handmade birthday cards I received.

Stampin Up Delightful Daisy birthday card idea - visit Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Fun Fold Dutch Door Daisy Card Created by Mary Ann Hutchinson
Stampin Up Butterflies Thinlits birthday card idea - Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Beautiful Butterfly Card Created by Nancy Farrell
Stampin Up birthday card idea - visit for inspiration and to order StampinUp products
Sparkle and Foil Card Created by Jennifer Michalski
Stampin Up Birthday Greetings - For ideas, inspiration, tips, ordering, and more visit Jeanie Stark StampinUP
Sponged Birthday Greetings Created by Cheryl Wherry
Stampin Up Butterfly Basics birthday card idea - For inspiration, tips, ordering, and more visit Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Butterfly Basics Floral Wishes Card Created by Rosanne Mulhern
Stampin Up Birthday Greetings card idea -visit Jeanie Stark StampinUp
Yellow Tulips Birthday Greetings Created by Jane Rozes

Birthdays have always been special in our family! I have been celebrating all week with my daughter home for spring break.  I was hoping to be able to return to work next week but it seems I have to be patient a bit longer.  I really miss my class! Yesterday I received a special text message from my sweet Pre-K students.

And here’s something else that’s sweet….some more blog candy! Leave me a comment sharing a favorite birthday memory or surprise and I will pick a random winner to receive one of my birthday party favor bags.  Anyone who shops with me this month will automatically receive my birthday party favors…a goodie bag with one of my Tutti-frutti pens, card kits, and more!

Have a great day!

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33 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday

  1. Yippee! Big Birthday Wishes to you Jeanie!

    One of my favorite birthday memories…

    My birthday is November 28th, so every 6 years or so it will fall on Thanksgiving. One year when I was a child they made me a little Cornish Hen and stuck a candle in the top… for me to blow out at the end of “Happy Birthday” 🙂

  2. I always had a nice birthday growing up. There isn’t one in particular that sticks out though. When I became a Mom, I always tried to make my children’s birthdays special. I remember theirs more than mine. Happy Birthday to you. I truly appreciate all the things you share with us. I love, love, love your product shares and look forward to your shares for the new catalog.

  3. Happy Birthday my friend……I know you would have been shocked that I stayed up to midnight to wish you a special day! You are soooooo special to so many and here is to another year of health and happiness. I know that you are so happy to have Ariane home…..have a special day.

    My birthday memory that I cherish is…..this is simple as James Birthday is just 2 days before mine so I always say that James is the best birthday gift I could ever have. It is a special time as a family as we get to double – count our blessings!!!!

  4. Happy happy birthday! I mailed you a card first of the week but the post office delivered it back to me midweek! I’d put my return address label on the back and it has the cancellation and meter markings on the back…. Anyway, hope it’s a wonderful day. My birthday falls on Mothers Day every few years and I remember my Mama making me feel special on her special day.

  5. Happy birthday beautiful lady! Like Susan, my oldest daughter was born the day before my birthday (due on my bday) which was the best gift ever. Both my daughters and I celebrate our bdays by going on a “girls trip’” every year with lots of fun and pampering. Enjoy your special day and do something wild!

  6. Happy 39th birthday! LOL My favorite birthday was when I turned 18 years old. My friend, Maureen, had just turned 18 a week before, so we decided to go out to a nice restaurant to celebrate. We were “legal” for the first time, so we ordered a nice cocktail. When it came to ordering the entree, I decided to try something new and grown-up, so I ordered tripe. Well, it was disgusting and I couldn’t eat it so the waiter took it back and I ordered something else. It was a fun night.

    1. I can’t believe tripe was on the menu! I had to laugh. Mike didn’t know what it was either and he ordered a tripe and tongue sandwich at an upscale Chicago deli a long time ago. He could handle the tongue but he pulled the tripe part out. He was bound to eat what he could so he didn’t look like a hick from the sticks of Iowa! You can also find that stuff in canned soups occasionally!

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDY JEANIE…. and thank you for sharing so much with all of us….

  8. Happy birthday Jeanie. My favorite birthday? Forty-three years ago on March 22nd, my oldest daughter was born on my birthday! Best day ever!

  9. You received such beautiful Birthday cards. At least one more coming your way. I have many wonderful birthday memories and a lot of course with you and I celebrating our birthdays together. I loved the traditional butterfly cake that we often shared, half for you and half for me. I also remember the year we received craft kits of the month and looked forward to the surprise each month. See you soon so we can create more birthday memories We are lucky to celebrate together again this year!!!!!! MMMM maybe a kickback to years gone bye!

  10. Happy happy dear friend!!! So glad U get to spend it with Ariane!! Have missed your smile and laughter at school…
    Funny half birthday memory… with my birthday Dec 26, a friend wanted to celebrate with a surprise half year birthday one summer. Well laid plans we’re going as planned when my mom got a call to say we were invited to these friends house for impromptu dinner and she accepted of course. As we were getting ready, I came down with what seemed like the flu and was very ill, I felt horrible. There was no way I was going anywhere. The party went on as planned, I was promptly told what I was missing… At least the pictures allowed me to see what I missed for my half birthday….

  11. Happy birthday! My husband arranged dinner at a really nice restaurant and invited two of my best friends and their spouses. It was a total surprise and it’s really hard to surprise me!

  12. Happy Birthday ! Thank you for sharing your cards with us ! Have a wonderful weekend !
    And those are the sweetest little students of yours ….I know you must miss them !!

  13. Wishing you a wonderful and blessed birthday. My childhood memories of my birthday is that a lot of the parties had to be cancelled. I am a January baby. Many snows would caused traveling problems so the celebration was postponed or cancelled. Oh how, I prayed it would not snow around the before or on the 10th. All my friends said my parties were the best if they could get there.

  14. Hoping that you’ve had a spectacular birthday. You deserve nothing but smiles joy [and some of your favorite cake and ice cream, naturally.] See you in 2 weeks~

  15. Oh My Goodness! You get to see those darling faces everyday! So Cute! What an honor! Happy Birthday and many Blessings to you on your Special Day! Enjoy the time with your daughter! My best Birthday memory is…the cakes my Grand-Mother always made for me. A marbled butter cake with mocha frosting! My favorite…and hers too!

  16. Not really my favorite, but the most humorous….and the one I remember the most. No one remembered my birthday that year. I was just waiting to see if they would remember. We had gone shopping and I was watching my mother and husband go through a check out line. When mom wrote the date on her check, I could see the light bulb go on and she turned to tell my dh. Neither one has forgotten since. I thought it was funny, my dh didn’t.

  17. Happy birthday Jeanie! Cute kids and I bet you adored their sweet smiles and kisses!

    I have gone on about my dad picking out a special bracelet all by himself when I was young and I still wear it. My dad is not a shopper and this makes it all the more special. It has little shamrocks on it and little green crystal hearts on it. It is so delicate and cute. Of course, I still wear it even this year on my birthday. My cousin reminded me of my birthday cake for a few years. An angel food cake (sometimes she split it and put strawberries in between the layers) and she would put a doll decorated with an Ireland sash and green dress on it in the middle of the cake. Then she would ice the cake with green frosting to make the dress part. My cousin reminded me of the cake this year and wants me to send her a copy of a photo of us in our green dresses and the cake so her husband can have a good laugh at us. She asked if I still had all the Miss Ireland dolls. I don’t have a clue what happened to them. But, it was always fun and then we had ice cream to go with it.

  18. Happy Birthday!! My favorite birthday memory was a couple of years ago when my daughter and I went up to Canada to watch the USA women’s soccer team play World Cup Soccer on my birthday. I’ll never forget that birthday. Have a wonderful day!

  19. Happy Birthday Jeanie. While I don’t want to be in the running for a prize I still want to share a favorite birthday memory. My birthday was on a Wednesday or some other day when there was school so I could sleep late or any of the small things that I love. I was feeling, not a great birthday neither of my children had remembered or so I thought. Both of them showed up at the school to bring me lunch because according to them “Nobody should have to eat school lunch on their birthday”. I was totally surprised

  20. I love birthdays…..I’m an ovarian cancer survivor and EVERY birthday is cherished. Five years ago, ON my birthday, I was told that I was NED (no evidence of disease). Best birthday gift EVER.

  21. Hope your day was filled with many blessings!

    My favorite birthday was for my 50th
    My dearest friend surprised me at her home with a lovely tea. With mismatched linens and tea cups and authentic high tea goodies, it was like we were at my favorite tea garden!
    Blessed with so many friends and family that day, a memory I’ll never forget ♡

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