A Birthday Surprise!

Today is my birthday and I have been getting “Happy Mail” all week. (Read all the way to the end to find out how you can get some happy mail too!) Here’s some of the beautiful handmade birthday cards I received.









Remember the beautiful wreath my sister made me? (You can see it HERE.) This is the bag (pictured above) that she presented it in.  I love the way she attached the card to the bag in a clear envelope.

I am blessed and so very grateful for my family and friends!


Birthdays have always been special in our family! I have been celebrating all week with my daughter home for spring break. This year has been a bit of an adjustment for me with her 10 hours away at college and my son 7 hours away in the opposite direction. (He recently transferred with his job.) Our house is so quiet! I was taken by surprise when my son walked in the door yesterday afternoon to surprise me for my birthday. My husband and daughter were in on the secret but I didn’t have a clue. We enjoyed a wonderful family dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant and then we stayed up til the wee hours of the morning chatting and laughing. Unfortunately he has to drive back today.  Short but oh so sweet! And here’s something else that’s sweet….some more blog candy! Leave me a comment sharing a favorite birthday memory or surprise and I will pick a random winner to receive one of my birthday party favor bags.  Anyone who shops with me this month will automatically receive my birthday party favors…a goodie bag with some retired DSP, card kits, and more!

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Have a wonderful day!

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25 thoughts on “A Birthday Surprise!

  1. A favorite birthday memory was a few years ago when my family planned and pulled off a surprise birthday party for my 40th birthday! My sister had bright colored shirts made for my family with different sayings on each. My husband’s said “I’m married to the old lady!” My daughter and niece had put 4 sets of hand prints on their shirts saying “My mom/aunt is this many!” My brother’s and mother’s were my FAVORITE saying “My daughter/sister is 40!” And on the back of the shirt it said “My other daughter/sister is ALSO 40! (My sister and I are actually only 10 months apart, and therefore, for two months of the year we are the same age! Very confusing to some when we explain we are not twins! These shirts were so clever and a complete surprise!

    1. Happy Birthday, Jeanie! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. My favorite birthday was my 40th. I got my dachshund puppy, Tess. Well, it’s eighteen years later (gasp!) and both Tess and I are still going strong…LOL! Can’t wait to see you on Sunday…you know it’s going to be a blast!

  2. Hi Jeanie, Happiest Birthday to you. 🙂 We like to celebrate the same way, just the four of us and a special dinner out. Enjoy celebrating the whole weekend.
    My family gave me a SURPRISE 60th Birthday Party, three years ago. My gift to me was joining the SU Family! My friend from Texas even flew in for a few days.

  3. Happy Birthday my friend! I tried to call you as Dad and I were driving…..(long day) I know that your family just LOVES Birthday celebrations and I know that you must have melted when Andrew was there. I know that having your peeps and dear hubbie were THE BEST GIFT you could even have!

    I am looking forward to our road-trip fun on Sunday….now that will be a FUN celebration.

    My favorite birthday memories are pretty simple…the best are just like what you had last night….time with the peeps and John – nothing fancy….just sitting up and talking and then having “me time” to think – wow…I feel blessed! Each and every year I think I cherish that simplicity even more!

    Happy Special Day and I look forward to our fun on Sunday!

  4. I love birthdays……even more so since my Ovarian Cancer in 2012. Now EVERY day is a gift and every birthday is CELEBRATED!!! I encourage everyone to celebrate the day and not just say ‘oh, it’s just another day’……nope, it’s special and so are you!

  5. Happy birthday, Jeanie! Beautiful cards and what a great surprise from your son. A few years ago my son was deployed over in Iraq not due home for another 3 months. It was my bday and I was sitting in my office at work when I looked up and he was standing there with a big smile and flowers in his hand. I thought I was dreaming and just starred at him, tears running down my face. I did not want to let him go but we had a blessed three days together.💙

  6. Happy Birthday Jeanie… sounds like you had a wonderful birthday surprise… one of my fondest memories will always be a small surprise birthday party that my husband gave me last year.. it wasn’t a special # or anything like that.. something he just wanted to do… what made it so very special was he was in a nursing home at the time very sick .. he had one of his aides get a cake and invite my two brothers and their wives to join the fun. I will always remember that day…

    Bernice P

  7. I turned 50 in October and my husband planned a great party for me (it wasn’t a surprise). The biggest and best surprise was my Mom flying in from Arizona for the party. I was rendered speechless, I think one of the rare times in my life. I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. It was a birthday I’ll never forget!

  8. Oh what a pretty line up of cards ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!! Pretend you can hear me singing that song !! GIGGLE ! ENJOY YOUR DAY !!

  9. Happy happy Birthay dear friend, so sweet Andrew made the trek!! What a special week that Ariane is home too!! Love ya…

  10. I just started following your blog – thank you to Susan Itell mentioning you on her blog – and I am so happy I am here checking out your awesome cards, etc. I don’t have a birthday experience to share but I do have a 25th wedding anniversary surprise. I told my husband I didn’t want kinky underwear and I didn’t want a giant bouquet of flowers – so – he gave me a giant box of Godiva chocolate and attached to it was a giant bow. I opened the chocolate and passed it around and my daughter said – don’t you think that bow is awesome ? So when I looked further there attached to the bow was a diamond ring ! I had totally missed it ! I was totally shocked because my husband is not one to spend money ! Anyhow – it turned out to be the best anniversary anyone on the planet could celebrate !
    Happy Birthday to you and may you have the best year ever !

  11. Sounds like you did have a happy birthday I “held my breath” all day when I turned 13 on Friday the thirteenth – but nothing bad happened. Best birthdays are shared with family doing nothing really special except being together. Having grandkids makes it even sweeter

  12. Happy Birthday to you!! My favorite celebration was my 50th with all my gal pals. We had balloons & champagne & tons of laughs. Thanks for keeping it simple!

  13. Happy birthday! No better surprise than family for sure! So glad you will have such fun memories from this birthday ❤
    My hubby surprised me for my 40th with dinner with my parents and my 3 sisters and their husbands!
    I look forward to your posts😀
    Happy birthday!!🎊

  14. Happiest Birthday, dear Jeanie! So pleased for you that both peeps were home to share their love with you. May you have decades and decades more of wonderful birthdays. Thanks for sharing the lovely cards; I, too, wish I had sent you a real card (although I always cringe when I gift a talent like you with my simplistic attempts). Felicitations et bonne fete!

  15. Happy Birthday Jeanie! My hubby surprised me when he was supposedly taking me out for a birthday dinner with the two of us. We got there and 6 of my good friends were sitting at the table. I was shocked and very happy.

  16. Happy birthday Jeanie! My card is really in the mail to you, honest!

    Not sure of a special birthday etc. but one of my favorite gifts was one my dad saw in a window and went and bought it for me all by himself. I really can’t remember if he gave it to me before I started school or not but I do remember showing it for show and tell in 1st grade. He hates to shop and why in the world he passed that shop in walking, I have no idea. I think I write about this darn little bracelet a lot on everyone’s birthday blogs. It is a really fine chain sort of ornate in a simple way with teeny shamrocks on it and little green jewel hearts. It so light and airy too. Anyway, I have worn it every year for my birthday and lets say it is just an antique now so I don’t have to tell you how old I am!

  17. Hi, Jeanie. I’m a new demo in Illinois so not necessary to enter me into your drawing. Just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog and think you’re really talented. Happy Birthday from Ellie in Illinois.

  18. I love your site—-and your birthday card is a neat one. Thanks for sharing—
    Birthday memories are happy ones, especially family celebrations with “Mom” made cakes and favorite meals!!

  19. Happy Happy Birthday! How wonderful you got to spend it with your family! Best birthday….I was 10 years old, my first boy/girl party and then a sleepover for just the girls. Of course, there was a blizzard as usual in January just 2 days before! We called everyone, said the party was still on, wear snow suits and boots….my mom grilled burgers and hot dogs as we played in the snow! So much fun!

  20. Happiest of birthdays to you! Sounds like it was special and that you’ll celebrate more! Mama always made a special birthday meal for us when we were growing up. I don’t even remember what I’d pick but I remember it was “my meal.”

  21. Happiest of days Jeanie!
    What a blessing to spend it with your family

    I’m an only child but my “SISTER” Robin surprised me with a lovely high tea with 20 dear friends and cousins and my Mom for my 50th

    One of my best days!

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